T e a m  B a r k e r

Our mission is to glorify God and honor our hero, Courtney, by sharing our transplant journey with others in order to raise awareness about the beauty of organ donation and the gift of life. 

R e i d  a n d  L i s a


Our Mission

High school sweethearts Lisa and Reid Barker take you on their journey of desperation and hope through the beauty of organ donation. Shortly after celebrating a year and a half of marriage, they would be suddenly challenged to live out their wedding vows—in sickness and in health— much sooner than expected. Through their personal transplant story, Team Barker offers touching insight into both sides of organ donation and how God orchestrated a miracle in their lives. Lisa and Reid hope that by sharing their story—and the story of their hero, Lisa’s donor, Courtney—more lives will be touched and saved through organ donation.